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Nursing Necklace / Green Purple

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Handmade in Hastings-Sunrise by Custom Design.

What is a Nursing Necklace? It's a safe necklace that holds baby's attention while breastfeeding. It is also a nice piece of jewelry and a great addition to any parents wardrobe. 

Why not wear "regular" necklaces? The Nursing Necklaces are 100% natural and eco-friendly. They are made with wooden beads crocheted with a 100% cotton. Strong cording ensures that the necklace is strong enough to be pulled. The ends are loose, with no clasps and so adjustable to the most comfortable wearing. The necklaces are washable (hand washing and laying flat to dry). The Nursing Necklaces are designed to be interesting enough to capture baby's attention. Various surfaces, textures, material and colour simulate the development of fine motor skills, so important at the first months of baby's life. 

What are Nursing Necklaces for? Newborn babies discover the world mostly through touches. While nourishing they might like to pinch, scratch, poke, and yank the breast, hair, earrings, glasses. When wearing a nursing necklace, parents can keep baby's hands busy, encourage them to safely explore the necklace beads.