Orders over $25 include delivery! Not sure if it will fit? Return for store credit!


Delivery details: 
-If your order is over $25, delivery is included within 10km of 2463 East Hastings St. 
-Delivery is Monday to Thursday (excluding holidays). 
-Loved & Local is not liable if purchases go missing, so please ensure drop off location is secure. 
-If your order is under $25 select pick up. 
-If you are outside the 10km radius, and you'd like to have your purchase mailed, select pick up and pay. Then I can calculate shipping charges based on size/weight, which can be paid by etransfer as a second transaction. 

How do I search by size or Artisan? 
-Mobile: click on the three black lines. 
-Desktop: click on the plus signs on the left-hand side. 

-If you'd like to leave your purchase outside for 3+ days, you can. The return policy is a week to allow this. Please ensure your outdoor location is dry and secure, as L&L is not responsible for purchases that go missing. 

Pre-washing and allergies: 
-Items are not pre-washed by L&L due to volume, time restraints, and to reduce water waste. Everything is to be pre-washed by the donator. If you are allergic to pets, detergents, dryer sheets, fabric softeners, cigarettes, etc., Loved & Local is not liable. You may wash non-consignment clothing (excluding items with original price tag/stickers) if tag instructions are followed, and still return them. Please avoid putting items in the dryer. L&L uses Method brand dryer sheets for clothes storage. 

I can't find the item that I'm looking for: 
-Email and I'll see if I can find what you are looking for in storage, I have tons of items that aren't up yet. 

Why are some items not in perfect condition? 
-The very first box I posted I put everything up with the imperfections in the description. Now I am being more selective. I carefully check each item but I'm not perfect and neither are used clothes ;) If you aren't happy with an item you can return it for store credit. 

Why are some photos better than others? 
-I have two staff members in training and they are learning as they go. Also for a while I was without a clothes steamer. 

Etransfer versus credit card: 
-Etransfer is preferred over credit card if possible, as I have to eat 2.9% + $0.30 per order in credit card fees.