Orders over $25 include delivery! Not sure how it will fit? Return for store credit within a week- pick up included!


How does your artisan program work? 
-Ideally my price is the same price that you charge if possible.
-You can submit your own description and photos if you'd like (optional). 
-You can drop your items off at my store, or you can schedule a pickup here
-Please include your business website, Facebook, or Instagram if you have them. If you don't, that's totally ok.
-If you have items you'd prefer to keep, you can photograph them, and send them to me. When something sells you can drop it off at the store. 
-75% goes back to you via etransfer once a month after something sells. 
-Ideal for artisans that need help with start-up, exposure, delivery, and don't have time to juggle an Etsy account on top of that (for example). You make the product or service, and I take care of the rest. 
-You can have your items back at anytime.