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Shop local challenge + less toxins/plastic/waste

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As per the About section on my site, it takes me HOURS to research anything new that I buy, so to help you save that time I'm going to post my findings here. I always try and look for locally made, not carcinogenic, less plastic, and less waste. If you have any recommendations of products that I'm missing on here, or anything you'd like to see added, please let me know! 

The Learnary has cards, games, puzzles, activity books, thing to make, academic play, and books to name a few! You can buy online and they deliver too! Located in East Van. 

Baby wipes- coming soon!

Beauty, cosmetic & personal care
Hyrule Potion Shoppe is an exciting new Indigenous owned addition to Hastings-Sunrise (East Van). I picked up some rainbow bristled bamboo toothbrushes for the kids, and some body soap. Bonus points: the soap was unwrapped (zero waste!), and the toothbrushes came in a cardboard box. They sell: All natural skin and personal health and body products, teas, traditional Indigenous medicines, shampoos, CBD salves and dog treats, natural charcoal toothpastes, local art and jewelry, and clothing curiosities.

Iron Dog Books is Indigenous owned in East Van. You can browse online

Kamik- I now have the JENNIFER, ABIGAIL, HEIDI, and PIPPA. The Abigails are fuzzy on the inside, more like a winter rain boot. My fave of the four are the Pippas. I love that they are ankle boots and are super cute and stylish. They are the rainproof Canadian version of Blundstones in my opinion. The Jennifers are hard to drive in as they are quite tall and stiff, but comfy. The Heidis fit more narrow so go up a size if you are sometimes between sizes. Hubby has the HUDSON 5. Our kids have the classic STOMP. All of their boots are made in Canada or USA and we LOVE them. And they also have a boot recycling program! My husband wears Red Wing's work boots, and has a casual and dressy pair as well. Some are made in the USA but not all. 

Bubble bath- coming soon!

Business Cards- coming soon!

Car Seats
Clek are made in Canada and USA, and super safe and sexy. Did you know that car seats off-gas? Here's an interesting read about it. Clek has less chemicals in them, and offers a merino wool option now too. We have the Fllo, and Oobr, and Olli

We purchased the Canadiana Leather Coasters made here in East Van by Flight Path Designs, and they are awesome. Naomi also makes Belt Buckles, Western Belts, Mason Jar Sleeves, Flasks, Keychains, and Earrings. 

Decals (Vehicle) 
Print and Save is the way to go! Located in Hastings-Sunrise. Luis was prompt, professional, very easy to deal with, good business hours, his price was the best, and the quality was 5/5 even with the price being lower. I wanted car magnets, and had gotten a few quotes from the competition in the neighbourhood. He quoted on the spot instead of getting back to me. He didn't make me feel like I was being a pain in the bum even though I changed a few things along the way. I ended up getting vinyl instead of magnets, and reduced the amount of my order. He gave me a few extra prints for the same price as a bonus, and offered to put the vinyl on free of charge. I will definitely be returning.

I've tried several natural brands and none of them worked but Element Botanicals is THE BEST I've found so far. Made in Sorento BC. Bonus points- comes in a compostable package. 

I haven't been able to find any made in Canada so far, except expensive pottery sets, which I don't trust myself with haha. So for now we have Corelle. The plates and bowls are made in the USA, however the mugs are made in China as they are not Vitrelle glass. 

Dishwashing detergent- coming soon!

Dry Shampoo
Acure is totally natural, with zero chemicals. Made in the USA. Works better than any of the sprays I've tried in the past. I buy it from 7 Star Organics by my place. Spud also carries it. Next time I'm going to try Plenty and Spare's which made and sold right here in East Van! Pro tip: if you have dark hair, add cocoa powder to it. 

Dryer Balls- coming soon!

Face Masks
We all have re-usable face masks from Oona Clothing, sold here on Loved & LocalLocated in East Van. 

I've been taking Abs Butt Core with the amazing Nicole for a few years now. It's on Monday nights @ 8pm via Zoom. Can't make that time? You can still sign up, and she will email you the recording, and you can do it on your own time. Register here

Freeze-dried Snacks
Astro Foods are made here in East Van, and they are "out of this world" yummy! I've tried the fruit and ice cream so far. Pro tip- the strawberries and raspberries come in a much larger bag compared to the other fruits as it is priced by weight. She also has chocolate, candy, cheese cake, ice cream cake, and yogurt drops. 

Glasses (for drinking)- coming soon!

Pyrex made in the USA. 

Golf Club Head Covers
Hubby's Canadian Tuxedo Driver Cover arrived today, and he's in love with it. They are all made in Nova Scotia by Dormie Workshop, and are NOT vegan friendly. It's partially made out of leather and came wrapped in butchers paper. 

Grocery Delivery
Jarr Package-Free Grocery Delivery. My order consisted of: local corn, bar shampoo, bamboo toothbrushes, pasta, and potato buns. All zero waste! Located in East Van. Their zero waste shampoo is AMAZING, I'm super happy with it. You only need a tiny bit, and it lathers up a lot, and doesn't leave a build-up on your hair like another brand I had tried. 

I've heard good things about Yoga Jeans, which are all made in Quebec. I'm going to order a few pair soon and will report back. Hubby has a pair of Boulder Denim jeans. They make his butt look good, I like them. Just their Canadiana line (Men's Slim or Athletic, or Women's Skinny) are made in Quebec. 

-Architecturally inspired concrete jewelry. Made in Garden Bay BC. Tony and I's wedding rings are from Konzuk
-Tagua nut earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Made in East Van by a local mum: Tagua Love
-Mosaic earrings and pendants. Also made in East Van by a local mum. Sold here on Loved & Local

Laundry Soap- coming soon!

Public MythDaub + DesignBewildherChloe AngusRecreative ApparelHazel & JoolsJ76Movement Global, and Downtown Betty.

Local Artisan Goods + Food Delivery 
Seb's Corner Store Cafe also offers Local Artisan Goods plus delivery (like Loved & Local), but is in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood next door. They also offer delicious locally made food as well. So far we have ordered: an East Van trucker hat, a book by Charles Demers, Jamaican patties, and dumplings. Run by an amazing single mum Susan wearing all the hats, and her son Seb. 

We recently all switched to a latex mattress that is made locally (Delta) from Majestic Sit and Sleep, and they come with a 25 year warranty. Here is an interesting article about mattresses off-gassing. And for the crib we had an Essentia mattress which is made in Canada.

Made in East Van: Humblebee Meadery. Bonus points- they even re-use hard plastic can carriers, so don't recycle yours, save them for Humblebee! 

Moving company
We used Small Moves for our previous move. Highly recommend. It's my friends small business located in Vancouver. 

In East Van and they ship within North America: Nut Hut

Organizational and Zero Waste items
EttaAndOlive- featuring one of my besties who also came up with the name of my business and is currently working on my logo

Pencil Cases
Hand made in Richmond with up-cycled fabrics from U & I Design Co. 

Period panties
Turns out some period panties have PFA's in them = carcinogenic...here's an interesting read about it. I tried another made in Vancouver brand of panty liner that snap around your undies, but I found they shifted and bunched up, and I was constantly re-adjusting them. Then I discovered Revol Undies, and they are AMAZING! Totally worth the investment. Originally I ordered the wrong size and they exchanged them. They are super comfortable, super cute, and no wedgies or re-adjusting! They go up to size 5XL, and have a bunch of different styles, including thongs. They are also gender inclusive, and made here in East Van!

I have the cutest cactus from Coastal Vines that I LOVE. It definitely brings joy. My daughter has named it Pokie. Located in Coquitlam. Here's a bit about Coastal Vines: I started Coastal Vines about 1.5 years ago selling low maintenance plants paired with modern planters and dried floral arrangements. I like to provide my customers with plants that are easy to care for as well tips and tricks to keep your plant babies alive! My inspiration comes from travelling to tropical places around the world as well as right here at home in BC. Constantly being surrounded by beautiful lush plants in different jungles and rainforests instantly boosted my energy and mood. It made me want to be able to recreate that same feeling at home in Vancouver.

Pots and Pans
We have a set of stainless steel Paderno's and we LOVE them. They are made in PEI. However I've noticed a lot of their products are outsourced now, just their core cookware products are made in Canada still, so watch out for that. We used to have teflon, but it's carcinogenic, so we made the switch. Here's an interesting read about teflon

I have two purses that I LOVE, both made locally by Atelier Eli (Burnaby) and AW by Andrea Wong (Vancouver). 

Saran wrap- coming soon!

Shampoo- coming soon!

Hubby has Wool All Birds as they are designed in Europe and made in South Korea. 

Soap- coming soon!

Tampons- coming soon!

Steam Teahouse is the smallest loose leaf tea shop in Vancouver with organic, single estate and small batch (they have a tiny corner in Donald's Market). You can also buy online and they deliver! My fave right now is Organic Cream Earl Grey Reserve

Also from Oona Clothing and sold here on Loved & Local. My daughter, son, and husband have her undies. She's also custom made my husband shorts and swim trunks. Located in East Van. 

Water bottles
Lifefactory is made in the USA, France, and Poland. Not exactly local, however I consider USA second best if I can't find Canadian manufacturing. And I'm hoping France/Poland pay a fair wage as well. The glass is made in France, the silicone in the USA, and the plastic cap in Poland. Not the most lightweight, but if you are concerned about leaching, so worth it. We've used them for all stages- baby, toddler, child, and adult. 

Waterproof name labels 
Watermark Creative. Locally made in Langley. I ordered some for my daughter for Kindergarten. I've put them through the dishwasher and washing machine, and so far, so good!

Wood furniture
Our table, bench, fireplace mantle, and coat hangers are all custom made by Vancouver Reclaimed. Highly recommend. 

Yoga mats
I couldn't find any made in Canada that don't off-gas. I did however find one company that's made in the USA of natural rubber: JadeYoga Harmony Professional, which also happens to be one of the recommended ones in this off-gassing article. Second place: The Original ecoYoga Mat (made in the UK of all-natural rubber and jute fiber). Third place: manduka eKo series (made in Taiwan of natural tree rubber with non-toxic foaming agents and non-AZO dyes). Aurorae Natural Cork / Rubber Yoga Mat (made in Taiwan of 100% Natural cork with rubber bottom). Taiwan has a higher standard of living compared to China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, etc.


Zip-lock bags- coming soon!


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